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Snippets Too Big For Twitter

Been busy with a lot of stuff - including but not limited to a job search, volunteer design /motion graphics, barter design, and paid design work - and did I mention I'm a stay at home home schooling dad? Yeah, I'm swamped.

I've made the conscious decision to not feel overwhelmed - in fact, I downright refuse to feel that way. I'd rather be busy, juggling a bunch of stuff at once than not have anything to do at all.

So anyway, I'm busy, but I've been using Twitter almost constantly since I downloaded the Twhirl app, which is basically a combination of live e-mail, instant messenger and Twitter rolled into one. I love it for this very reason. It's almost replaced the idea of blogging for me, but some things I just can't fit into a 140 character limit.

So here's a few snippets of things that I would have "tweeted" but didn't have the ability to edit it down.

After about 13 to 14 years, I've immersed myself back into the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I've tried to get into the books in years past, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it - the EU had become to large, to unwieldy, that it was impossible to keep up with it all. But after the cruelest April Fools Joke I've read in years, I decided to give it a try, starting with the New Jedi Order series. Mostly out of convenience, since I was able to pick up almost the entire run at the local Goodwill, except for the first and the last few books.

So I'm waist deep into Vector Prime, the first book in the series, and really enjoying it. The same old characters are there, and it's written in such a way that I almost feel like I'm watching a Star Wars movie, and that's what made me love the EU in the first place. Of course, Vector Prime is written by RA Salvatore, so that helps - here's hoping the rest of the series is just as good.

The weather is starting to get nice every day, so while I was driving around with the windows down, I surfed over to the sixties channel on Sirius, hoping to catch a Beach Boys tune, but nothing. I got a few good songs, but nothing that captured that "summer" feeling that the Beach Boys seem to capture so well.

Well, lo and behold, a few days later, I was on Twhirl, and Derek Webb tweeted that you could get Pet Sounds for only 2 bucks on Amazon. It didn't take me long to jump over and pick that up and have "Wouldn't it Be Nice" stuck in my head.

While I like Pet Sounds well enough, I took it upon myself to surf over to Pandora and create a Beach Boys station, that not only plays the Beach Boys, but Elvis, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Mamas & The Papas, among others. Feels like summer when I hear tunes like that.

If you'll notice, at the top of the page is an ad - I've monetized my blog. So, what little pittance I may get from AdSense would be cool, so if you can, click it for me please. :)


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