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So I had a job interview yesterday. What was the job? Well, that doesn't matter right now, but let's just say that if I get it it will be God ordained, and if I don't, it will be God ordained as well. I'm fine with either solution, really.

But anyway, during the interview I was asked if I'd ever taken a personality exam, to determine, well, my personality. I wasn't sure if I had or not, but figured that it would be cool to know that sort of thing. So today I get a call, and I will be receiving a personality test in my e-mail, courtesy of my pending employer. Awesome.

But I'm an impatient guy, so I did a quick Google Search for Winslow Personality Test, and took the first one that came up in the search. It took only about ten minutes for me to discover that I am personality type ESFJ (Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judging), or as another site puts it a Guardian Provider. I'm pretty sure there are probably some flaws in the system, but that seems li…

Twitter Thoughts on U2's No Line on the Horizon

Since most of you have lives, and couldn't follow my thoughts in real time as I listened to No Line on the Horizon through my Twitter Feed, I took the time to compile them here. If you have yet to buy the album, and aren't a purist like me (i.e. don't care about CD design, liner notes, tangible evidence of album ownership...) you can pick it up for a mere $3.99 over at Amazon - a steal if you ask me. Not sure how long that sale will last, but go for it if you're so inclined.

Also included will be all of the replies (and my responses) that I got from my friend Ben Avery, who is a big (probably bigger than me) fan of the boys from Dublin. Keep in mind, at the point I was writing these thoughts down, I had only heard two cuts from the album, since Get on Your Boots was released weeks ago, and they played Breathe on Letterman Monday night. So basically, these are initial thoughts that are subject to change on repeat listening.

#U2 - listening to No Line on the Horizon f…