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On New Work and Other Things....

I have another video I hope to post in the coming day or so, but I got to thinking that I haven't really written a blog since Indy 4, and there's so much I want to talk about but haven't gotten to. I've been pretty deep into the job search thing, so other things like blogging have fallen by the wayside.

But, I landed what looks to be a pretty decent job on Friday, so I can try to organize myself a bit more, determine to blog more often at least. I've started to compile a list in my mind of topics to write about that I'll hit soon. But for now, a few things I've been wanting to hit before they're really old news....

The Incredible Hulk Was Awesome

Okay, it's not the best summer comic movie - but it's number two so far, and it was a great way to wash away memories of the Ang Lee film, from five years ago. Ed Norton's performance as Banner was pitch perfect – you could tell in every nuance of his portrayal that he was seething with the green rage within. The action sequences were, for lack of a better term, incredible – particularly in the last thirty minutes or so, where it felt like a big monster Godzilla type of film. And unlike Michael Bay's Transformers, you could actually see the big creatures fighting each other, they weren't just a blur of CGI. Oh, and the "surprise" appearance of another major character in the Marvel Universe was a nice touch in the final scene. I'm really excited to see what Marvel continues to do with their properties in the world of film.

Nostalgia Often Steers My Impulses

I was finally getting around to sorting through my swag from my trip to The Big Apple, and I came across my first comic ever, that I bought back in December. This got me to thinking about the other major comic book that I remember from my childhood - The New Teen Titans Drug Awareness Specials from 1983. I haven't bought them yet, but methinks I will be looking for that at the next con I'm at.

I've discovered that, I don't necessarily buy comics as a speculator anymore. In the mid-nineties, maybe. But now? It's almost like I'm trying to tap in some kind of childhood wonder that's been sorely lacking in the newer comics that I've bought and read over the past few years. This of course, will probably be the subject of a rant on my podcast, so I'll stop here - but I'll leave this topic showing off one of the comics I bought at the con - the 1989 Amazing Spider-Man Annual - it's not worth any high dollar (barely cover price, I think), but the reason I bought it? I had this comic when I went to Beaver Camp back between 6th and 7th grade. I was miserable at camp, but it was this and a hand full of other comics I picked up at the drug store on the way there that got me through the week.


I am Officially a Professional Graphic Designer

So I've been applying like crazy in the past two months, to every Graphic Design Job I could find that I was even moderately qualified for. It was getting frustrating - I knew the industry was competitive, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. Needless to say, this week I seemed to gain some traction - I had two places call me (for the same position), and a third place called me after I resubmitted my resume.

I interviewed with a sign shop on Friday, and I must have done something right - they hired me that afternoon. I start in the morning. It feels good to actually say I'm a Graphic Design Professional and actually mean it. The freelance gigs are all well and good, but I think it's nice to have to go to work and produce work for clients and employer - it gives me a sense of accomplishment, I guess. I've spent a lot of years jumping around from job to job, with no real sense of purpose -- now I think I've found it. :)

Nostalgia Often Steers My Impulses (part 2)

I think I know now that I should not have access to any money after midnight, if I can't help it. Last night I was looking at a bunch of articles about the Christian Metal movement of the late eighties/early nineties that I was personally entrenched in, and I started to kind of miss the bands I listened to back then.

I found out Deliverance just recently put out a new CD, so I went to iTunes and bought it. Then I bought two of their older albums. Then I bought some stuff by my other favorite thrash band of that era - Tourniquet.

Gosh, it's great music. But I spent money I didn't have.

Darn you nostalgia, you're like the abusive boyfriend that I keep running back to...

Final Thoughts on Future Stuff

I've promised already that I'll blog more. Which I will do. I'll also podcast, hopefully on a monthly/twice monthly schedule. We'll see though - it depends on what I think is worth my time as the weeks progress...


Travis said…
Hey, Zehr grew up and got a job! ;)

Congrats, man. I like reading good news on Monday mornings!
Steve A. said…
I know I'm totally late on this, but congrats and best of luck on the new gig.

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