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Post #666 - The Posting of The Beast!

I've officially written 666 posts on this ol' blog, in the past 8 years or so. That's insane.

I haven't posted anything in a long time, but here's an update on the Vizio thing:

They fixed my television.

It wasn't 24 hours after Consumerist posted my story before a representative from Vizio called me to "work something out" - ie - they were in damage control mode. Within a week or so, my television was repaired, and working fine in my office.

There was a lot of debate both here, and at the Consumerist site, regarding my intentions when posting my "open letter". The posts ranged from supportive and understanding, to outrageous and insulting. In order to clear things up, I'll say this, as the final word on my issue with Vizio.

My TV was barely 18 months and it broke. I was upset. I wrote a letter to customer service - the same letter that I posted on this blog - and received a response that read "Please call us so we can resolve thi…