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Now I Think I Want Them Back...

When I was in elementary school, one of my favorite sections of the playground was the Merry Go Round. I don't think they have them on a lot of the more sanitized plastic playgrounds of this modern era of safety, but back then, it was considered alright to let kids spin themselves dizzy during recess.

So we'd do everything we could to get this galvanized disc to spin as fast as we could get it, and then jump off, resulting in us stumbling in every direction possible. Funny how some of us probably went on to do this less than twenty years later, but getting the same effect using alcohol. But I digress.

The last two months I've been spinning on a merry go round, but I didn't realize it until I jumped off. Because now I'm stumbling all over, trying to figure out what direction I need to go in, and feeling a bit sick.

Sorry if I'm being cryptic, but that's what you get when you read the blog of someone who has trust issues and finds it hard being content.

I love this cover of this song and while I haven't broken up with anyone, I find the line "I had a pocket full of dreams/but I gave them all to you/Now I think I want them back" quite appropriate for my current situation. Am I crazy or confused? Or just an oversensitive 31 year old?

Yep, even guys 15 years out of high school can get emo once in a while. And it still sucks.


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