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What I did today.....

Rants are fun, quizzes are a good distraction, videos are a blast, podcasting is semi-fulfilling despite the work invovled, but there was a time, not too long ago, when I loved just plain ol' blogging. I know I haven't done it much since I went to school, but I sort of missed it.

Right now, I'm really buzzed - I decided to stay up late to do some work, so I scraped together some coin and bought a bottle of Sugar Free Rock Star, (instead of my favorite, Sugar Free Mountain Dew Amp, which sadly, isn't sold at the local convenience store...) which has led to me being up at 3:09 in the morning when I really should be sound asleep. I used to have a pretty good tolerance built up to caffeine, but since it's been a few days since I've had any, it looks like that tolerance is pretty broken down at this point.

This is me partying like a rock star:

Yeah, that's right - I'm throwin' up the horns in a rock & roll salute! Am I relevant or what??

Anyway, I'm wide awake when I shouldn't be. I woke up at the ungodly hour of 8 am on a vacation day, because Michelle had a doctors appointment at 9:40 this morning, which apparently, since she's like, 39.5 weeks pregnant she just couldn't miss. She's been having contractions off and on for like, two and a half days, but none of them are so bad she's doubling over, so hence, no baby yet.

The doctor did this thing (I refuse to put it here, since the terminology is so gross) which will hopefully send her roaring into labor sooner than later, so we'll see. Isn't all girl doctorspeak gross to most guys though? I mean, who came up with the term "Pap Smear" anyway? That just sounds disturbing. I guess, guys really don't have it any better - just typing the words "prostate exam" makes my skin crawl.

I digress.

So we went to the doctor, than we went to Wegmans, which was always a blast, considering everything there is like, three times the price of our usual grocery store (Save-A-Lot), and when we went home, I had to do some work while Josiah and Michelle each took a nap. Josiah insisted he wasn't tired, but he was out like a light two songs into the CD he listens to at bedtime. Take that six-year old persistance!

This is Josiah's face when he's really exhausted:

Can you tell he's at the first stage of a yawn?

Then I worked on stuff. For work. Like real work. It was cool. If I worked in an office I'd have the coolest cubicle mate - my dog. She rules, but she's so dang lazy. I mean, I bust my butt workin' for the man, and what does she do? Sleep. I'd complain more, but she makes me look good in comparison. I'm so gonna throw her under the bus if I get yelled at.

Not literally, I mean, I'd never physically throw my dog under a moving bus. That would be just wrong. I'm speaking figuratively people - FIGURATIVELY.

So after that I made dinner (Shepherds Pie -- Michelle helped too...) which we ate like good automatons, in front of the television. And then we watched American Idol. Man, I hate that show, but I get sucked in every time. I find myself saying really gay stuff like "Gosh, that outfit makes her look fat." And "is it just me, or is her nose lopsided?". I needed to exorcise that femininity by punching a kitten, which I did. (not really - remember, I'm speaking FIGURATIVELY.) In actuality I just went into my office and watched some UFC. I don't know which is gayer though, commenting on a karaoke singers outfit or watching two guys roll around half naked in a cage. I'll leave that up to you, my audience, since, well, I don't want any actual MMA fighters to hunt me down and hurt me.

This is me begging off a beating:

That's right - black & white - NOT black & blue.


I've written a lot of things here that don't make any sense. Maybe I'm finally tired?

Yeah, maybe that's it.

Oh, and before I go, Michelle is convinced birth is imminent. We shall see.


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