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Pressurized Creativity #1 - Macho Quest

A Prologue

Brevity is the soul of wit, right? At least, that's what Bill Shakespeare said. Since he's been dead for a few centuries, and a lot of old dead guys seem to know what they're talking about, or since we seem to take the words of old dead guys far more serious than old alive guys (I'm looking at you, Andy Griffith), I figured I would start my latest blog with something from an old dead guy. It really has no application to this particular post, but hey, it popped into my head, so I decided to write it down.

Anyway, things pop in my head on a regular basis. Moreso over the past few months, for reasons I can't quite nail down, but it might just be the fact that when I'm at work, the biggest challenge that I have creatively is figuring out what to eat for lunch. It may be that I haven't actually utilized all of my creative potential, or it could be that, not unlike a valve under pressure, if it begins to get TOO MUCH pressure, without being released once in a while, it begins to steam a bit, on the verge of explosion.

That could be a good thing or a bad thing, or the explosion creatively could just be a waste of what could be valuable stuff, sort of like the Deep Sea Horizon Oil Rig. An unmitigated disaster, by all accounts.

So this pressurized creativity has been leaking out lately, and I'm having a really hard time getting everything down, or even finding a direction for what ideas I do seem to remember. I figured that if anything, I can try to write them down here, and maybe revisit them if I have the time and resources to actually pull them off. Either way, at least they...GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!

Actual Post:

So this idea has been knocking around for a while, predominately as a goal for my own personal enlightenment, but now it's got the potential to be something creative and entertaining for all involved. The idea? A Macho Quest.

I've made it no secret that I grew up without a dad. Over the years, I've had men come into my lift and fulfill that role to an extent, but 18 years without someone to guide me in some of the Ways of Men can hardly be made up in a handful of years, no matter the depth of the relationship. There's just some things that need to be learned hands on, when the opportunities come up.

So anyway, there's a lot of macho things I don't know how to do, or don't know anything about.

A short list:

Home Repairs
Car Repairs
How to Fight
And Much Much More.

So I came up with an idea - while I need to learn this stuff anyway, I thought it would make a great reality/educational show. Follow along as this dude who needs to learn what it takes to be a dude, learns what it takes to be a dude, from dudes who are experts on being a dude.

Seriously - how funny would it be, for a viewer especially, to watch as I learn how to change my own oil? Or if I learned how to box? Even better - the chance of electrocution as I change out ceiling fans in my house? There's a GOLDMINE of possibilities there.

Plus, I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs to learn some stuff about being a dude. Heck, there's a ton of stats out there that show I'm not the only dude who grew up without a dad. I can't be the only one who still has issues trying to figure out to, say, fix a sink drain. Viewership is a given, I'm sure.

Anyway, this is a personal quest - for sure, I'm learning this as I go. I just think it would make for great TV, since I have a tendency to be a clutz and I often find myself hilarious. The chance of me actually getting it on video though? Probably slim. I just think it's a good concept, that's why I wrote it down. Maybe someday....


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